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Zeolite / Clinoptilolite - A Quick Overview

Structure of Zeolite There are a lot of zeolites available, but the most interesting is the mineral called: clinoptilolite. It is a crystalline hydrated aluminosilicate.

The channel dimensions are sufficiently large so that the molecules with the dimension of some tenths of nanometers may penetrate and adsorb into them. In these channels solid, liquid and gaseous matters can be adsorbed.

Simple said: "Clinoptilolite is a magnet for toxic matters like ammonia, lead, mercury, radionuklides, co2, so2 and so on".

Die The Attributes of our zeolite or clinoptilolite

  • Huge inner and outer surface of 400-600 m2 per 1 gram of our Natural Zeolite
  • selective adsorption of Ammonium (NH4) and heavy metals (Lead, cercury, cadmium, cobalt...) and radionuklides
  • reversible hydratation und dehydratation
  • high ability of gas sorption
  • high thermo-stability
  • resistance against aggressive media

What can I do with zeolite you might ask yourself. Below you find some typical applications or your zeolite products.

Applications of our zeolite-based products